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Lost Humanity series

     Hotel of Lost Souls





     World of Lost Souls

         We've heard the hero origin stories, and we've heard from the villains, too. But seldom does the story revolve around the people supporting our heroes and villains.  This story does. It's not about the hero's faithful sidekick. Nor is it about a sniveling sycophant seeking power. Zack Henderson is just an ordinary guy until the villain gets his hands on him. One trauma leads to another, and the abuse and rewards take him down a path of moral disengagement into a life of actions he would never have believed himself capable. But Zack is just trying to rebuild his life from the ashes. This is the perfect opportunity for the villain to mold him into a good lackey. But he has no idea how much Zack will mold him in return.

Found Humanity series

     A Demon to Save Me

     Blood Dhampir

     Vampire Wolf

     Gate in the Infinite

     Glitter, Blood, and Other Girly Things

     High Among the Stars

         Gabriel "Gabby" Belmont has the same dreams and hopes as human kids. Graduate high school, go to college, med school, live the dream. He should have the same, ordinary life as his peers. Most dhampir are just like humans, maybe a little faster, stronger, healthier, but overall, you can't tell them apart. Unfortunately for Gabby, he's not 'a little' enhanced. He's almost half as strong and fast as a vampire. What's more, he's gifted, both by human terms and vampire. Other kids can't feel emotions from their peers. Other teenagers can't summon real demons in their bedrooms. Even among dhampir, Gabby is an outlier, and he's been lonely a very long time. This story is about friendship, found family, love in all its forms, healing, self-discovery... and portals into other universes.

No True Immortals

     Books are unnamed so far, but this promises to be a series.

         WeMeleez and WeTandee have been inseparable since the womb. It's only natural that when it's time for their Rite, their passage into adulthood, they embark on it together. Their story is one of adventure, finding magic, and self-discovery in a federated queendom of six states ruled by six monarchs. Meleez is set to inherit the highest throne in the country, and Tandee's future is uncertain. All of that is in the future, however, and for now, it is just them, the grass beneath their feet, and a quest. The time when they would meet the queen of a corrupt, enemy country is far away.

         Natashiana was raised in an inn, bar, and brothel. Her greatest joy is going down to the border between her country and the one below, to watch the dragons flying. She plans to apprentice as a Night Woman, a sex worker, like her mother, but she thinks that ultimately, she may go south to become a dragon rider. All of her plans go awry when she meets a knight at the dragon's mating flight who's there to take her home--to the castle in the center of Xyloria, to claim her birthright as the lost heir after the king dies. But she isn't the princess of a beloved, happy country, and she's about to find out how much education she really needs.

This Girl is Dangerous

         What would you do if you walked in on a preternatural murder--and the murderer was a beautiful woman who didn't seem to care that you were interrupting her? What if she followed you home? Mika has no idea what to do. She was tired from work and just wanted to go home, eat dinner, play with her parrot, and go to bed. This unearthly Androktasia is unlike any woman she's ever met before.

Monster Love

         This is a children's story about a child who wants a monster of their own to love.


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