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I stand with Jewish activists and Palestinians against displacement, murder of civilians, and for an end to Israeli apartheid against Palestinian peoples.
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A Demon to Save Me is the newest novel from new author H.S. Kallinger. Set in the same multiverse as the Lost Humanity series, this Urban Sci-Fantasy novel follows the first person perspective of Gabriel Belmont as he navigates the challenges of life as not only a dhampir--a child of a vampire--but also a queer young adult trying to find not only his place in many different worlds but a family to help him find his humanity, even as it slips away.


Hotel of Lost Souls is the first novel from new author H.S. Kallinger. Set in a world where vampires are fact, warring and coexisting with humans throughout history, this Psychological Horror/Urban Fantasy novel follows the first person perspective of Zack Henderson as he suffers the dissolution of all he had believed and expected from his life. The focus is on three young adults who are captured, held against their will and develop Stockholm Syndrome.


Gabriel "Gabby" Belmont has the same dreams and hopes as human kids: graduate high school, go to college, med school, live the dream. He should have the same, ordinary life as his peers.


Most dhampir are just like humans. Maybe a little faster, stronger, healthier, but overall, you can't tell them apart. Unfortunately for Gabby, he's not 'a little' enhanced. He's almost half as strong and fast as a vampire. What's more, he's gifted, both by human terms and vampire.


Other kids can't feel emotions from their peers. Other teenagers can't summon real demons in their bedrooms. Even among dhampir, Gabby is an outlier, and he's been lonely a very long time. 


This story is about friendship, found family, love in all its forms, healing, self-discovery... and stories that transcend the multiverse.


We've heard the hero origin stories, and we've heard from the villains, too. But seldom does the story revolve around the people supporting our heroes and villains. 

This story does.

It's not about the hero's faithful sidekick. Nor is it about a sniveling sycophant seeking power. Zack Henderson is just an ordinary guy until the villain gets his hands on him. One trauma leads to another, and the abuse and rewards take him down a path of moral disengagement into a life of actions he would never have believed himself capable. But Zack is just trying to rebuild his life from the ashes.

This is the perfect opportunity for the villain to mold him into a good lackey. But he has no idea how much Zack will mold him in return.


Praise for Hotel of Lost Souls:

It was one of those books that kept me up until four in the morning and made me late for work. I highly recommend it- don't pass this one up. If you are into unconventional and are open minded you won't regret reading this one.
S. Hart, Amazon Reviewer


Praise for Pet:
Read it twice because it was so good.
Pam, Amazon Reviewer


Praise for Bridges:
The LGBT Urban Fantasy Romance (with Vampires) genre gains strong well fleshed out characters and a terribly beautiful universe in this series.
Ro Mo, Amazon Reviewer
Praise for Predators:
I am in love with this series. I wait patiently for each new book... If you like vampires and poly love, you'll love this series.
Jennifer Curtis, Amazon Reviewer
Praise for Castles:
It always leaves me wanting more, and yet satisfied.
Pam, Amazon Reviewer
Praise for World of Lost Souls:
This author has such talent that these characters are more real to me than some people I actually know. I feel that I have not only come to know them, but lived and learned through them. We need more books like this.
Kindle Customer
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